Tiring Weekend

Weekend was busy!
  • Friday night, hit Cezanne for a smokin' show featuring Joe LoCascio, Warren Sneed, Eddie Lewis, David Craig & Bash Whittaker. It was great - I am continually impressed with Eddie Lewis, and Joe is one of my favorite musicians of all time. (Listen to a clip from a LoCascio composition on Sneed's album "Q"). Anyway, after the first set, I veered over to catch some of the funk jazz fridays show at Brasil with Stucco Fish, and they were great. Then I trucked over to Last Concert to see the New Monsoon show, and they were terriffic. Props to Tapir for putting that on.
  • Saturday, after a rare chance to sleep in on a rainy morning, I took some first steps towards editing Leap (the new Drop Trio record), in ProTools. Starting to get the hang of it, a bit. Some ill-chosen mexican food put me to sleep a bit early, but I got up late and did some midnight editing as well.
  • Sunday, I played the morning new music service at St. Stephen's, then spent the afternoon working on Echo. Had an evening rehearsal with Patrick, our latest Drop bassist, and then hit the sack...
  • ... only to get up at the crack of dawn on Monday for my KTRU shift (here's my playlist).
And now, back to the daily grind here at my recently sold office (the building was sold, not the company).


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