Happy t-day

I'm over at the in-laws, about to chow down on some veggie turkey (mmm) and all the associated stuff. It's nice to relax for a couple days. Hope you're all doing likewise.


Skinny Logic

So yesterday, my beloved KTRU got an email from "American Patriot" explaining that if they don't stop playing skinny puppy, then the station will get boycotted, and will subsequently crumble from the financial pressure of the boycott:

In the past few months a band by the name of Skinny Puppy has slandered Bush. At several of their concerts over the Summer they have simulated an assassination of the president. On their current Fall tour they simulated a beheading similar to the ones happening in Iraq. When the vocalist pulls off their hoods he reveals the terrorists to be Bush and Cheney. This is unacceptable and I encourage you not to play their latest record, The Greater Wrong of the Right, that has been indicated by their record label as being played on your station. Conservatives are currently a majority of the populace now and we have voted into power a majority in every level of government. The people of this country have the power as evident by our boycott of the Reagan miniseries, the Superbowl, and the Dixie Chicks. If you still choose to play their music we have the ability to put financial pressure on your station through boycotts. Please remove Skinny Puppy from rotation or we will have no choice but to boycott your station.

Currently, your station is listed on the boycott list found here:


If you decide to stop playing Skinny Puppy as well as consider changing the format in order to provide more fair and balance we will consider removing you from the list."
That's what we need around here. More fair.

I'm still chuckling at the thought of a conservative boycott causing financial ruin at KTRU. Did I mention I played 45 minutes of a dude banging on a pot the other day?


Good lordy does that boy use a lot of mustard ...

So the new diet is going well. Did I mention I'm on a new diet? It's a modified version of the New York Body Plan. Modified in that, well, a) Uberjam and I don't eat meat, so we've substituted a lot of "fake" meat; and b) I haven't bothered with that whole "exercise" part.

Many shudder at the mere thought of fake meat. But honestly, there's nothing quite as nice as eating a big ol' slab of bologna and knowing you're not chomping down on something really gross. I mean, soy is gross, but not in that way. And for some foods, they've actually gotten pretty close on taste & texture. Hot dogs, cold cuts, turkey, bacon and sausage all have yummy meatless substitutes. Yummy, that is, from the point of view of someone who hasn't actually eaten any of those things in several years.

What does the diet prohibit? Um ... everything else. We've been eating veggies & lean protein pretty much exclusively for 2 weeks. The jury's still out on results, but I'm enjoying it OK so far. 'Course, a slab of pizza would be pretty nice right about now.



This is one of those weeks where it's awesome to live in Houston.

This is the one week out of the year where it's awesome to live in Houston. The temperature is great, the skies are blue, it's not too humid, and the air just smells alive and good. I have been spending my time running around in circles outside, jumping up and down, and generally frolicing. Well, OK, actually I've been sitting in my windowless office all day every day, just like any other week.

But I know that it's nice out, and that makes me feel good. How do you feel?