Note To Self: Check Holiday Schedule

... so that you don't show up to work on a Monday only to find that nobody else is around, because it's a friggin' company holiday. Hmmph. Well, at least I actually did a little work and sent some emails, so everyone knows how hard I'm working (even coming in on a holiday).

Now I'm home, and I've got some Marshmallow Peeps with my name on 'em.

Happy holidays everybody. :)


What I was saying about it being cold up in New Jersey but not here in Houston?

Forget it.

Yes, those are numbers that start with 3.

I'm going to bed, wake me up when it's March.


Back from NY

Took a lovely trip with Uberjam up to New Jersey and New York this weekend to visit with my mom, my sister, and my brother-in-law. Discovered that it is still VERY COLD up in New York. Remembered with stunning clarity why it was I moved to warmer climates.

Had a nice visit to the MoMA (so that's where they took our broken obelisk!). Had high tea at the Crown Plaza hotel. Saw a Scandinavian Christmas concert. Ate afghani food.

And now I'm back. Good night.


Some photos

At last, a few long awaited shots. Awaited by me, that is.

Me before my trim:

Me after my trim, and subsequent bad-assing:

Uberjam, looking joyful:

Our lovely xmas tree:

That's all she wrote!


Free the birds

So recently, out of my desperate love of all things burrito, I entered this little contest that Freebirds Burritos was having. You had to design a t-shirt, and the prize was a bunch of free burritos. Not being much of an artist, I pressed the bleeding edge of my Freehand kung fu to produce a silly design, and sent it in. And I came in 1st runner up! WoOt! So I get like 26 free burritos, which should last me almost a week. Check out the page about it on their site.

Now I just need to convince them to put a hyperlink to my band ... :)