Here I am, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Am I enjoying the weather by laying out in the park? Am I going hiking or biking or waterskiing?

No, I am filing.

Our house - living room, study, dining room, even kitchen - has been, for some time, overwhelmed with stacks of paper that's "to be filed". Bills, letters, receipts, etc. We're always meaning to file them, but, well, we just never get around to it. But my new contention is that it's this glut of unfiled paper that keeps us from keeping the house as clean as we want to. Whenever we get in cleaning mode, we're stumped by the presence of large amounts of paper, and we stop, defeated.

But today, a friend asked if they could come by and use our printer. Which is currently under 3 separate stacks of paper. So I figured it'd be a good time for some filing. Whee.


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