This entire week has been a lesson in pushing myself too hard. Stuff with Drop Trio has been coming fast and furious, especially with Ron's baby (born last night at 3am!!) and the announcement of the Houston Press Music Awards (please vote for us!). I've been trying to get the word out about that, while simultaneously planning our upcoming shows, coordinating publicity & advertising for our current shows, and, oh yeah, working full time. Gah.

Wednesday night we played a show at the Rhythm Room with Tea Leaf Green and Plump. The attendance was less than stellar, but we had a good time anyway.

Last night I drove to Beaumont and hung with the super cool folks at the Art Studio. There's an interview with me that'll air on KVLU tonight at 9:55 pm (we taped it last night) in which we discuss Darth Vader, among other things. We also got to tour the venue (looks great) and grab some great pizza at Graffitti's.

This morning I got up to work out at 6 am because I AM TOTALLY INSANE. Tonight we're at Brasil, and tomorrow we're playing the Candu show. And maybe Sunday Jill and I will go see Amy Goodman speak.

And now ... I think I will go have lunch. Ha.


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