I'm the cutest!

Hey, check it out - my first public notice as a photographer: my photo of a kid playing drums made it to the top 10 photos of the 2006 ACL Festival.

The photo credit is a little misleading (implying that the kid is named Ian Varley, instead of the photographer) but, well, what can you do? (For starters you can email the ACL festival asking them to change it and get thoroughly ignored. Doh.)

Happy Halloween!



OK, so here's a conundrum.

I love playing music - practicing, playing live, writing, recording, etc. And the more I listen to inspiring players like Brad Mehldau, the more I realize that I need all the practice I can get. :)

Of course, I'm also a pretty driven guy in other areas of life - work, friendships, learning, etc. So very often, my healthy protestant work ethic ends up trumping my playing time, because practice isn't as "important" in the list of short term things.

But ultimately, music is very important to me - more so than whatever happens to be on BoingBoing, Homestar Runner, etc. So how do I hold myself accountable to that?

Well, as of right now, I'm going to start tracking how many hours of playing I do every day, publicly, via Joe's Goals (a great little web site):

Ian's Practice Time

That shows the number of hours of actual playing I'm engaged in on any given day (including gigs). My hope is that with other people watching, I'll have impetus to do it more. If you see me slacking off, tell me to get back to it! :)



Found a great new Austin events site that's very "web-two-point-oh" - it's called Do512.com, and it seems to already have a pretty fair number of events. Users vote on the ones they're going to, which makes rise to the top of the list. I've put in my next event - throw it a vote. :)

I'd love to be more megagaltastic. I think watching zefrank is a good way to do that.

And sometimes things speak for themselves.

Enjoy your weekend.


Friday the 13th

Gosh, where to start today?

- Who schedules dental work on Friday the 13th? Me, apparently. It's OK, though, I'm now back in tip top dental shape, and only a little bit sore. And who knew that laughing gas was so, well, funny?

- Who wants a Wii? Me! I want one! Me!!

- Eat out or dine in? This thread I started last night on Ask Metafilter got a ton of responses, and got picked up by Get Rich Slowly and LifeHacker. Cool. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go get some tacos. Or maybe go shopping. ??

- Just rediscovered Digg today. Talk about time suck!

- Ok, no really: talk about time suck.

- Anyone want to take a trip to the Houston Center for Photography ... uh, Center?

OK, that's all I got. Back to my regularly scheduled email.