Anger and no one can feel it

Man, today was such a busy day at work that I hardly had time to do anything; I barely even got time to post my KTRU set list.

On my way home, I was listening to a news report (on Democracy Now, of course) saying that the US Army has laid seige to Falluja, killing six hundred Iraqis (including many women and children) since the "ceasefire" was called - a "massacre", they're calling it, and if there's any truth to it at all it can't escape the major US papers for long. We all knew it was going to get ugly soon, with the resistance to the US occupation getting steadily stronger. The report had a young Iraqi boy talking about how his schoolmate was gunned down in the school yard by an American sniper. Hard to "spin" that one.

Don't you just feel so much safer? There's nothing like making an entire generation of people hate everything you stand for, to decrease the chances of future terrorist attacks. The "war" went great; the "post-war" war is a disaster. At least they found what they went in there for.

Have you seen this moving image? It's a mosaic of the faces of all American servicemen who have fallen in the line of duty. May they rest in peace and honor, they died fighting for our freedom, and they deserve our utmost respect (I mean this in all seriousness). May their deaths weigh heavily on the miserable failure who put them in harms way (I mean that in all seriousness, too).

Sorry, I'm in an angry mood, but I don't know how else to feel in light of all this news. Is this what being alive during Viet Nam was like?


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