busy weekend

It's been a busy few days. I'm (almost) fully recovered from my illness, but I've still got a lingering cough. Go away, cough!

Friday night, me & the guys had a surprise chance to open for the rad band Particle. Um, holy crap! It was great, we really enjoyed it. What a novelty, to play at a club that has a real backstage room.

Saturday during the day I got to play on "Smokin' Joe's Roadhouse", a show that's broadcast live on KPFT from the Rhythm Room. That was fun. I got to meet two of the folks behind the excellent web site JazzHouston.com ... Kelly Dean, a local sax player, and Andrew Lienhard, a pianist who has been living in New York for a number of years but is now back in the Houston area (Bellville, specifically). Andrew snapped this shot of me during the show:

Sunday found me relaxing at home with Uberjam, and then hosting my regular show on KTRU. I had the band Drop (from Boston ... not Drop Trio) on as guests and it was a fun old time.

Now I'm back at work and the realities of being a work-a-day stiff are settling back in. I'm off to the gym. Whee. :)



I am sick. Straight up, flat out sick. Yuck. I'm coughing up stuff, wheezing, sneezing, and aching.

So am I at home getting rest like I should be? Of course not. I'm at work. Because I'm a dumbass. *cough*


zogg is coming

Apparently I don't post enough. That's fair I guess. It's not like I'm busy or anything.

What's been up? Buncha drop trio shows recently, all great. Played at the Continental Club with Moses Guest last night, that was fun. Playing with kenny Cordray in Galveston on (fat) Tuesday.

Not that any of that matters much, as we've only got a few years before Zogg takes over anyway: