anxiety? who, me?

I had 2 strange anxiety dreams last night.

First, I was DJing at KTRU, and I had some music playing. Then I fell asleep at the console. I woke up the next morning and realized I had been broadcasting dead air all night long! I tried to cover up for it and read the MRA, but I couldn't get the faders to work.

Then, I had to run to class (at some college, I guess) and I was late, and it was the last day, and there was a test, and I didn't know any of the material, and the instructor wouldn't let me take the test later.

I didn't realize I had all this stress in my life. I thought I was living a pretty easy going life. Come to find out I'm a roiling cauldron of anxiety just under the surface. Who knew?


Rodeo time

It's gettin' towards that time of year again: time for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. As always, pete sums it up quite nicely.

Uberjam and I went a couple years ago thanks to free tickets from my company (gee, thanks). We saw ZZ top for 5 minutes, ate some curly fries, and got the hell out of dodge. Can't say I'd recommend it for even that long, though it was worth the trip to have discovered the existence of deep-fried corn on the cob. Wow.


Weird days

It has been a weird couple of days. Yesterday my office had some rather extensive layoffs. I was not among those laid off, but now I'm in a big empty office. Also, Uberjam was off in Austin last night, so I was all alone at home, too. What did I do? I went out for sushi. :) I also went and checked out David Fahl at Last Concert Cafe and Mark Zeus at Cosmos Cafe (my first time going to the latter). Turned out to be a good evening, to cap off a weird day.

Now I'm back at work and ... there's still nobody here. Hmmba.


More of the same

Uberjam and I had a nice New Year's celebration. We trucked over to Austin for the evening, with intentions of staying in a little B&B that we'd reserved. We got there to find that it was, as far as we could tell, completely out of business. Nice of them to let us know in advance, eh? Anyway, we called around and found a cheap rate (relatively speaking) at the Driskill hotel. So we figured, what the heck, it's New Year's Eve! The room was nice, and we bopped around 6th street a couple drinks (it was crazy) before retiring to the room for Champagne at midnight. All around, very nice.

And now, here I am back at work. I don't feel like much has changed, either externally or internally. I'm in a "stay the course" kind of mood. So no major resolutions, just incremental improvements. Maybe I'll feel more like celebrating the new year in a few weeks, and do some resolutions then.

Any resolutions for you all?