"I bet nothing hurts you, Conan." "Only pain."

Whee. I spent most of this weekend dealing with a computer crash, with my Windows XP Desktop. After many hours of work, I managed to get all my important files off it (which is lucky, or I would have had to jump off a bridge). Tomorrow I'll have to bring it in somewhere to see if a "professional" can repair the damaged operating system, so I can avoid 40 hours of software re-installation this week.

"How did it happen?" you might ask. "Disk failure? Virus?"

Nope. Upgrade.

I tell you, the sooner I get off this windows garbage, the better. What I wouldn't give for a hot-swappable XP / OSX dual core macbook. Do you hear me, Santa? Make it happen. At least by '08.

In happier news, a bunch of our friends from H-town visited us in ATX this weekend, which was really nice. We went and had yummy fries at Jo's and saw Gnappy kick ass at the Elephant Room.

Good times. Almost good enough to make me not cry about the fact that "Services.exe has unexpectedly terminated".



Incriminating Photos

Everybody's been bugging me about putting these photos up online, so here they are. This is from a show in May with Lush Green Havens - the solo project of Jarle from Grass. Jarle said to dress up crazy, so I did:

I guess posting this pretty much erases my chances of running for president, but there wasn't much chance of that anyway. I will state for the record that I don't usually wear a dress. I do like wearing those goggles, though.

In other news, Emmet has decided to start blogging again.


CT Trip

This weekend, we headed north to Fairfield, CT, for the wedding of my good friend Dylan. The wedding was on a beautiful farm in the hills.

Here are a bunch more photos.

We flew from Austin on JetBlue, and if you haven't done so yet, I can highly recommend it. They've got a TV screen in every seat with Direct TV - I watched 6 consecutive episodes of King Of The Hill (I think that officially makes me a texan ... that, and the fact that I finally got boots.)

Even as we sped northward to Connecticut, Jill's brother sped southward away from Connecticut - to Austin! He's moving here to take a teaching position at UT. Woot!

Hope y'all are enjoying your 4th of July. I'm off to clean the house! :(