Lakewood Barre and Gril

Or is it Bahr and griln? Whatever. It's in Dallas and I played there on Saturday night with the Lowdown. Fun show - I always enjoy getting to do some Left Hand Bass (tm). Plus, Mr. GPF showed his ugly mug shining face, and sat in on a couple tunes. Rad.

I don't have any pics of the Lowdown, unfortunately, because, well, I was playing. But next up was Moving Matter, of whom I took copious photos, because they had a kick-awesome light show. Here are a couple gooduns:

After a few songs, the gents called me up ("Fireball to wardrobe ...") and I played a couple Scofield tunes, plus a couple MM originals as well. Here's me in action:

More pics here.

Thanks for a good weekend, Ari & co. Looking forward to some more travels this weekend. But it'll be a long week first.


Austin City

So, this weekend, Uberjam and I are off to the Austin City Limits festival, with a few friends. I'm usually not a big festival goer, but this particular festival is so well done, and has such a great lineup, it's hard to turn it down.

One of the main conflicts of the festival lineup, for us, was that Aimee Mann and Calexico were playing at the same time. However, thanks to my friend Shred, Uberjam and I managed to see the Calexico Austin City Limits taping on Thursday night. I'd share pics of that, but you're not allowed to bring in cameras.

But I will be taking photos of the festival this weekend, so stay tuned for that. Off we go ...


labor dabor

Had a nice day today. Cooked out at Casa Del Pecos The Dog, read the newspaper, and obsessed over my to-do list. Ah, relaxation.

Oh, and we made some pretty awesome strawberry shortcakes.

Happy new labor year!