Speaking of the radio

I'll be on it tonight. I'm subbing in for the funk & soul show on KTRU. Rad! Something to take my mind off being all lonely 'n shit.

Then I'm going over to Rudz later to hang with Mike 'n them. Then maybe a little Continental Club for some Haaga & Tody. Anybody wanna come with? It's my last free night in my 20s ... :(


Case of the blues

So, dropped Uberjam off this morning at the airport. She's gone off to Vancouver for a conference - won't be back until Sunday. So I'm left to chill by myself for a couple days. I'm sure I'll enjoy it some, but right now I just feel kinda lonely.

Listening to the radio right now, it rules.


Happy Easter

Happy Easter! From the Varley clan.


South by southwest

So, I'll be heading out tomrrow for SxSW. Am I ready? Heck no! But time waits for no man.

If you like, you can follow along with my adventures, I'll be blogging about it over at Jamhouston.com. Check it out.



This is sure to be controversial, but looks like Houston has passed a smoking ban in all non-bar restaurants. To that I say: it's a good start.

I welcome anyone to convince me why we shouldn't ban smoking immediately in all indoor public places (besides designated smoking areas). I'm all for everyone's freedom to do what they want, but not when it hurts other people. 2nd-hand smoke definitely hurts others - both in terms of diseases (cancer, etc.) and in terms of basic comfort. Every time I play a gig, I come home reeking of smoke, coughing, etc. No thank you. Let's ban smoking in public places. Let's do it nationwide, so all the people bitching about losing tourism will shut up.

So there.