And there was much rejoicing

Uberjam is done with ye olde Masters Thesis & Defense. Now it's time to party!

Um, I'm too tired to party. Can we just play Atari and eat popcorn?



Here I am! I'm 30!

I'm also tired. I've been in a van all day listening to really intense music and hanging out with my good friends Nuje and GPF. It was a wonderful trip, we played with the fred and got all up ins. It was strengthening. But now I could use a nap.

So far, my 30s have been so rad. I hope every decade starts this well. Shout outs to K'Monte, Switzer, Zermeno, Lomax, Jerry, and all you other folks with birthdays this coupla weeks. And to my mom, sis, and in-laws for calling me on my birthday. And of course to my starling, Uberjam. Apply heat, I turn straight into ether.

Now, where's that new Atari I got?