F'd Up

So I'm sitting here, at my desk, and it's 5:09 pm. "Ian," you might say, "what are you doing at your desk 9 minutes after you should have left?" That's a great question. I am sitting waiting for something to stop being f'd up with my IMAP provider long enough for me to copy my sent mail from my local IMAP outbox to my sent items folder. I did a windows update today, and my Outlook has been flaky ever since. But it seems like my Imap provider is also down. Whee.

Which reminds me that I've been looking for a new IMAP provider. Any suggestions? .mac is pretty costly and the email is capped at 200MB. I'd like to get a Gig or so, and hopefully have less downtime than .mac has (a day doesn't go by when I don't get a message saying my provider is "temporarily unavailable".) I'm not down with the GMail privacy invasion thing, but I'd love to get what they offer if I could pay for it and lose the peeking. The Gmail concept is exactly what I've been saying email should be for the longest time (without the privacy invasion part, of course.) C'mon Google, offer a for-pay version without ads!

Speaking of f'd up, did I ever mention my friend Mike Gardiner's idea about making a calendar called "f'd up trees"? He wanted to design and print a calendar where each month was a different f'd up, gnarled, weird looking tree. Like:

Never quite got off the ground, but I think it'd make a great calendar.

OK, it's 5:30 and my email's still down, so I'm going to go home now, defeated. Poopie.


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