Two highlights of the evening yesterday:

1. Witnessing 60 musicians in 60 minutes. The superb musical performances ran the gamut - each was totally unique and interesting, surprising and creative. From the dual slide whistles to the giant Hamburg drum, it really was a masterpiece - a quilt of Houston's creative music community. Way to go POF!

2. Seeing J. W. Americana perform for the first time, at the Houston Music Foundation benefit. These guys are wacko and amazing - it's got to be seen to be believed. I am planning decisively to hit their Nov. 18th show at Rudz.

Ed. Note, 11:36 pm - Turns out their site is wrong, and the date at Rudz is 11/15. Which stinks for me cuz I'll be playing out of town, but it's better for them, since that's a Saturday night and not a Tuesday. Ah well.


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