I'm sitting here at the Skidmore library in Saratoga Springs, NY. It's the day before my sister's wedding, and there's a flurry of activity. My part is mostly done, except for the random grandfather & mascara pickup, figuring out how to get a pair of tuxedo pants that doesn't have cuffs just below my knees, etc.

But it's wonderful to be here, in upstate New York. Skidmore is beautiful at this time of year - I remember being in awe of the surroundings every fall while I was an undergrad here. I've been eating Macoun apples pretty much continuously since we got here, and I actually have to wear a coat! I visited with my good high school friends who have kids (!!) and got to stroll around Saratoga a bit. This is such a good place, and I miss it.

Being back, it's hard to concieve of the intervening 6 years - living on Martha's Vineyard, working through the dotcom boom in San Francisco, getting married in Beaumont, moving to Houston and starting a funk jazz band ... time moves quickly, doesn't it?


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