Anybody want to be my sponsor? I am playing this Sunday in a performance called "60 Musicians In 60 Minutes", which is part of the Pauline Oliveros Foundation's "Call and Converge" event happening at the Barnevelder Movement Arts Complex. I am supposed to find one or more people to sponsor me to the tune of $10. All proceeds benefit the Pauline Oliveros Foundation. Any takers?

For more background: the Pauline Oliveros Foundation was founded by (you guessed it) Pauline Oliveros, a 20th century composer (with an impressive discography) who was originally from Houston. She's a big supporter and enthusiast for creative improvisatory music. She comes out of the "classical" tradition (meaning, western-based through-composed music with historical roots in the Classical period), but she pushes any and all boundaries, and her music is now best called "Deep Listening Music", meaning it fuses a spiritual / psychological focus in the listener with a deeply creative & free approach to making sound. Her foundation thrives today in several cities, one of which is Houston. Dave Dove, a local trombonist and improviser, is the head of the foundation locally, and he has gathered to himself a wide array of local Houston (and Austin) musicians interested in free improvisation. Not what you'd expect from a city like Houston, eh? Anyway, this Sunday is their BIG EVENT. There will be an art show, free food, live improvised music, and then the aforementioned "60 Musicians in 60 Minutes" piece, which I'll be participating in. (BTW, some of the other friends of mine in it you might know and / or want to sponsor: Brian Allen, Brian Arthur, Maria Chavez, Chris Cogburn, Thomas Helton, and Mike Switzer.)

Even if you're not interested in sponsoring me, make a point to come by the Barnevelder Movement Arts Complex (east side of downtown) this Sunday, anytime after 3:30 pm (there's a suggested $4 donation). I guarantee it'll be one of the most unique creative experiences you've ever had in Houston.


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