Saw my friend Turlach Boylan and his group Glen Road last night at the Mucky Duck. It was a wonderful show - Turlach was funny and is a truly amazing player - he just makes the music feel right. Mike Dugger, an old favorite of mine from my radio days, was on guitar and mandola, and his songs were really touching, especially Tender Mercies and Rosemary's Sister. The group is rounded out by Greg Brown, a Newfoundlander who plays fiddle, concertina and guitar like nobody's business. I picked up a copy of their new album, "Round The Bend", and I've already listened to it twice. They played lots of the tunes from the record at the Duck - my favorite part was the end of Queen Amongst the Heather, where they broke into double time and played the tune Morning Dew. All in all, it was a great show, and I'm glad I caught it. I only wish they would play in Houston a bit more often!


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