I've been listening to Sebastian Whittaker for the first time today - he's a nationally recognized drummer from here in Houston. It's awesome - just good solid straight ahead jazz, played masterfully. I downloaded all of his records from eMusic, which if you've not heard of it, you should check out. It's a legit mp3 downloading company; you pay a monthly fee of $14.95, and then you can download a basically unlimited number of entire albums in mp3 format. The downside is that their catalog is somewhat limited. But if you like jazz, they will hook you up. Every Bill Evans record ever made is on there (and yes, I have downloaded them all, though I haven't listened to them all yet). Lots of Miles Davis, Coltrane, Monk, etc.. And little gems like, well, Bash. You can sign up for a free trial, where they give you something like 50 mp3s.


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