Today I am extending 2 important requests for friends of mine. Please take a moment and help out!

1. Mike Switzer, our friendly neighborhood trombone player, KTRU DJ, and all around wacky guy, had his trombone stolen out of his car last night. If we all pitch in a couple bucks, he'll have a new horn in no time.

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

2. Cindy Scott, a great jazz singer from Houston, is competing on the TV reality show "House Rules". It's kind of like "Survivor" meets "Trading Spaces." Bill and Cindy are the Blue Team, and if they win, they keep the house and $50,000. Starting tonight at 8pm, you can vote for them this weekend, as many times as you want. Click here for the full scoop!

Please take a moment and help these folks out!


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