Busy weekend! Friday night Jill and I attended a party for the Foundation for Modern Music, a really great local music promotion group that advocates for "modern classical music" (for lack of a better word) in Houston. In other words, music by living or recently living composers. I will mention them more later.

Through that, we learned of a volunteer opportunity for Bill White's campaign, which we did on Saturday. And as predicted, Bill White came out ahead. I think that's a good thing for Houston, we will see ...

Last night, after volunteering, we went over to the Alamo Draft House for a performance of Mr. Sinus Theater 3000. It's just like the real MST3K, but they do it live in theaters. It was great - they did Top Gun, with a keen eye for the blatant homosexual overtones that run rampant in the movie. A+.

Then we went to Brasil to check out Righteous Buddha. Those guys are awesome. I wish they had a web site I could direct you to, but you can hear one of their tracks on the Drop Trio blog.

Today was mostly relaxing and winding down, watching west wing and such. Back to the grind tomorrow ...


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