I've been wondering about something lately. Where does my tax money go? I know it goes for public services and such. But, specifically, how much goes to what? That's public information, right? It would be nice to be able to say "I personally paid 400 for that war in Iraq", etc. Sadly, all my searching has turned up no such handy tool.

So since I've been learning a little PHP lately, just for fun, I cooked up this little calculator:
Where's my money?
The figures come from the National Budget Simulator, and I don't know if they're totally accurate (and naturally, the situation is more complex than that, with property taxes, state taxes, sales tax, etc.). But it's interesting to see where your money is actually going, at least roughly.

If you like it, give me some feedback and maybe I'll make a version 2.0 that takes more factors into account.


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