A few days ago, I saw this lovely internet side effect - type miserable failure into google and click "I'm Feeling Lucky" and you'll see this. It's explained a bit in this BBC article, but it's a prank - a practice formally known as Google Bombing - by using words to link to a page, those words become associated in the google search results.

So that's old news by now, but a couple days back, I got a forward from a friend - someone he knew had written to him regarding this effect, with the subject of "Vast Left Wing Conspiracy":
Why on earth would you be directed to George Bush's official bio page?? That page does not even contain the words "miserable failure". Yahoo has a perfectly good search engine - it's time to switch!
I promise: people's feelings about Bush aren't a vast conspiracy. He invokes that anger one person at a time, and people make their opposition publicly known. And it's not just liberals.

No, if you really want to see a vast conspiracy, you don't need to look any farther than the connections between corporate board rooms and government.

Also, I think the fact that J Lo and Ben Affleck are still making movies has got to be some kind of vast conspiracy.


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