What a hectic couple days. I think I need to take more time to rest, my health has been flagging lately. I've had a persistent headache for the past 2 days (a bad one) and a couple cold sores in my mouth. I think those are both signs of too much stress.

The thing is, the stress is all self induced! I sit at my workstation all day and work (mostly on work work, and a little bit on personal work), whipping myself up to faster and faster paces. I wonder if that To-do list software is the problem? When I look at my todo list, it just stretches out into the distance with all my various plans. I try to work at double speed. I suppose what I need to do is build more "quality of life" tasks into my list. Like, "take a walk", "relax", etc. Hmm, I'll work on that.

Tonight Drop is over at Cotton Exchange Bar, and then tomorrow we trek to Lubbock. Gah. We were offered a show on Saturday with one of my favorite local bands, Clouseaux, but we decided to turn it down in favor of our own mental health. If we could quit the day jobs, that'd be one thing, but we're not quite there yet.

I don't know, I guess a couple days to chill out will do me good. Off for more asprin ...


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