I had a really nice weekend. Not too busy, not overy crazy or stressful or anything. I got to practice for a few hours, went to a great Free Radicals show, and just enjoyed myself. This morning I even got up early so I could go practice some more before work. It felt nice.

Today I'm busy at work, writing data import routines and other incredibly meaningful stuff like that. And tonight I've got Drop Trio practice. In fact, I've got practice or a gig or something pretty much every night this week. Jill and I were talking this weekend, and we were both like: when did we get so busy? Despite the minor respite on the weekend, my time just keeps getting more and more filled. I hope it's with worthwhile stuff.

By the way, I'd like to give a shout out to Star Pizza. Mmm, Star Pizza rules. I had it for lunch AND dinner yesterday. I'm still mad at them for closing down the Satellite Lounge, but I just can't ... stay ... away ...


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