It's been a rough few days for the Dean campaign. In Iowa last night, Dean did better than Gephardt, who is dropping out now, but his weak 3rd place finish, and subsequent angry shouting speech, can only be described as a disaster.

What to do now? I'm excited about the Dean that I encountered 6 months ago ... but as everyone on the blog is saying, WTF? There is such possibility - Dr. Dean is very smart, he's great on all the issues, he's got more supporters and cash than any other candidate, and he really makes people excited. But they've made some serious mistakes lately: getting too angry, oversaturating Iowa with calls and campaigners, and lacking a really sharp, good looking media face.

One of two things will happen now. Dean's campaign will continue on it's present course, and he'll go down in flames. OR, Dean's campaign will take a dramatic shift in approach, based on the advice flooding in from hundreds of people, and come back swinging as the candidate I was supporting in the first place.

I hope it's the latter.


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