OK, I just got back from Drop practice, and yes, it's "worthwhile stuff". I was just in a weird mood when I wrote that before - I really am pretty psyched about all of my projects right now (except, perhaps, for my gainful employment; but who is ever really "psyched" about that, eh?) We (Drop) have been writing some crazy new prog tunes slated for our next album. We're kinda in a race against the clock at this point, cuz we wanna finish it before Ron's wife gives birth to Ron Jr.. Er ... Ronette? Well, her name is actually Pennie. But you get the point. We're zooming ahead to try and finish out a whole new repertoire in time for recording in early April.

So one of the problems we're having is song names. Not too few ... too many! Recently used song titles include: "Adcock Ice", "Faster Than A Motor Home", "Wake The Whale", "Jaaaaacob Maaaaarley", and "Cognac Morning". We keep coming up with new ones. Here's our list:

Pelted With Berets
The Best Nude Beach In Houston
That There
A Chicken Caught The Wrong Bus
Dropping Sticks
Whistling At Work
Monkey Bacon
Bow Hat
Have You Seen My Loft?
Sit On A Potato Pan, Otis
The Big SO
2-1-1 Ratio
Playing To Backs

Which do you like best? Or, any other suggestions? (Mike and Ron, you're exempt from this discussion, we talk about this too much as it is.)


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