This afternoon after work, I'm heading over to a Howard Dean rally here in Houston. I heard Dean talking on NPR yesterday and, as usual, he sounded like a smart, principled, passionate man. And now it's starting to become clear to people that Dean actually has a chance at winning. Here's why I dig him:
  • He's fiscally conservative (balanced his state budget). He's a penny pincher, not a tax-n-spend democrat (or a cut-n-still-spend republican). Read this great story about when a cancelled flight forced the Dean crew to take a ferry across Lake Champlain - Dean made everybody wait while he searched through his wallet for a free ferry pass he had. That rules.
  • He's socially liberal (supports gay rights, the arts, etc).
  • He's a doctor and really knows health care (got universal health care for children in VT).
  • He believes in a strong military and knows we need to finish strong in Iraq (even though he was against the preemptive action). He wants to get help from the international community to do it right, by opening up the reconstruction bids to them (no more Halliburton sweet heart deals) and not basing our international diplomacy on a "my way or the highway" motto.
  • He wants to cancel the Bush tax cuts (aka welfare for the richest 1%), and use that money to fund projects that will actually help improve our country (like helping people get an affordable college education).
  • He wants to focus on renewable energy sources (wind, solar, fuel cells, etc.) and get us off our oil dependency
  • He will help small businesses and small farmers, which are (IMO) the real strength of America.
And there's plenty more. I would be pretty psyched if he gets the nomination - he's the only one I've seen with the ability to generate that kind of excitement. He raised $15 million in donations that averaged $77. He excites people and brings them back to the democratic process, which is a great thing.

So if you're curious, come by the rally tonight (it's at Miller Outdoor Theater in Hermann Park) and make up your own mind.


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