Jill and I went to a really cool short film series last night, at the Axiom theater, an indie theater / punk club. It was a program by Microcinema called Halloweird, and weird it was. The first film, by a local Houston director, wasn't really our cup of tea, but the rest of the shorts - by directors all over the world - were really excellent. Among the highlights were "Pervula", a mock-1920's-silent-film about a perverted cloth-faced vampire chasing a screeching young woman with the intention of spanking her; "Le Corbeau", a french film about a older couple and a crow, and "How To Cope With Death", a cartoon in which the grim reaper comes after an old woman sitting in front of her television, only to have his ass squarely kicked by her, kung-fu style.

Anyway, it's just more proof (to me) that Houston has excellent, interesting, twisted, independent arts events to compete with any other city. The difference is that here, it's just the transplants and French ex-pats who people these excellent events.

Listening to: Ani's double live disc, realizing (again) that she's the best.


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