Big news! OK, well, probably not big news for anybody but me. This message from Rhodes Music Corporation co-founder Joseph A. Brandstetter was posted on the Rhodes Supersite:
I have aquired the world wide trade mark for the Rhodes electric piano and musical instruments. Spread the word that I intend to build the greatest electric piano and would love everybody's input. They can talk with me personally by e-mailing at Brad, thanks for all your years of support for Harold, even though not always the right story got out. Hope to hear from you soon. Maybe you would like an interview for your web site. Joseph A. Brandstetter
That means that, in the possibly near future, I won't have to beg various surly repair people in town to please please please look at my Rhodes and maybe tune it or work on the action. No, this raises the possibility that I could actually have someone qualified work on it, maybe even under warranty, with new parts. Realistically, what it does is move Rhodes from the background of vintage land to the modern day world of instrument creation. Gives it a little respect, and possibly makes it so the immediate reaction of other musicians to the Rhodes is something besides "Wow, cool ... but how do you deal with getting it serviced?". Well, a guy can dream.


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