I happened to notice that today is the birthday of Paul Brindley, the bass player for one of my all time favorite bands, The Sundays. For those not familiar with the Sundays, they're a Brit band with a floaty female singer and virtually indecipherable lyrics - they had a couple hits in the late 80s (one being "Here's Where The Story Ends"). The singer, Harriet, has a gorgeous voice, and together with her guitar-player husband David they wrote some of the most hauntingly beautiful, dissonant, wrenching songs I've ever heard. They produced three of the albums in my (theoretical) "top 100 albums ever" list, and they've been the soundtrack to some of my favorite moments in life.

So naturally, I was poking around today to see if there's any news of a new album by them in the foreseeable future. The basic answer is, no. Harriet and David have 2 young kids now, and don't seem to be in a rush to put out new material. Sadly, most of the information about them on the web has succumbed to link rot - this list of Sundays links is now almost 100% defunct, and Arithmetic (the closest thing to a fan site I could find) hasn't been updated for almost a year. I'll hold out hope, though.

As for Paul, he's now a consultant and music writer with his own web site. Go Paul.


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