Today at lunch, KTSU (the local jazz station, such as it is) played a 2 hour block of Cannonball Adderley. Rules. I think at this point, my world would be immensely improved by two things:

1. If KTSU would go back to a more straight ahead jazz format all the time (I'm told that's how they used to be), or at the very least, eliminate all tracks with drum machines and / or Kenny G. As it is now, it seems like 90% of the time when I switch to the station, there's a giant glob of cheese pouring out of my stereo.

2. If KTSU would start broadcasting online like my old favorite KCSM does in the San Francisco Bay Area.

You know, KCSM is an immensely popular station (they've been overshooting their fund drive numbers recently) and they play serious good jazz pretty much non-stop. Sure, Houston ain't SF, but I think KTSU could be bigger & better if they stayed more true to the music. There are so many serious music lovers in Houston, and it's such a big city ... I've got to believe it could work.


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