A Stupendous Day

Had a really great day today. After a slow morning start, Uberjam and I hit up some Chocolate Chip Pancakes over at Austin's best kept secret, Magnolia. Then we headed out to Inner Space Caverns to take a tour of some really wicked caves. Being in a cave really has a way of changing your perspective (see these photos (not mine)). We left the caves and I felt really outstanding - like a dose of mysterious had been dropped into my drink.

In the evening, we got some tacos over at Maria's Taco Express (slightly underwhelming for a first visit, but my enchiladas were full of cheese and cheese is GOODTM). The dog-bot came with us and enjoyed floating his ears in the car.

Ended out the day with a Lowdown gig at the Troubador. The set was great, saw a bunch of great folks, and heard Topaz throw down a wicked set with some new musicians - kind of a trance-like heavily textured palette with deep grooves and crazy sounds. Really great, as evidenced by all the musicians hanging out for almost the whole set.

The air this evening was smooth, relaxed. Austin in June is just like that, I guess. But as odd as it seems, this is the first night I've really felt at home here. I feel a connection to places, sometimes, in a dream-like way that's hard to explain. Maybe I had to go into a cave to find it here. In any event, day's end has me very thankful and sated. Some recent band news has my gears turning, and tonight it occurred to me how it will all work out. I'm happy to be here, now, in the present (which is good, because I hear that the future totally sucks).


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