Quiet Monday

It's a quiet Monday evening here in Austin, TX. Uberjam, Emmet and I took a ride in the car with the windows down, so mister dog could float his ears a little bit, and all was right with the world. Now we're back home, Uberjam is finishing up an editing project, and I'm catching up on a few emails and blogs.

Of note:
  • I finally got a local number here in Austin. The reason that's important, strangely, is that since Austin is a one-area-code town, nobody lists the area code on anything, and if you do, you're obviously an out-of-towner, or at least a new-to-towner. So I got one. Ask me if you want it. And BTW, my old 713 number still works (forwards to my cell) so don't bother changing it unless you get a lot of calls from me.
  • Tomorrow afternoon I'll be attending a conference on the .NET 2.0 framework. Little about my gainful employment has been particularly thrilling of late, but I am excited about upgrading to the next version of stuff and geeking out with all the new programmingy things. IMO, the .NET programming framework is one of the few things Microsoft really hasn't screwed up in recent memory. It's just great.
  • My friend Jeff posts a succinct rant on why Bush can stick his head up his ass about gay marriage. Pardon my french.
  • Looks like google is on track to replace yet another of the key processes in my life with Google Spreadsheets. What's that you say? Online group-editable spreadsheets? Be still my heart. (And yeah, seriously, Google Cal is the shizzle ... Uberjam and I have never been so easily in sync on our calendars before.) I know one guy that'll be hitting refresh all night ...

That's all I got.


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