OK, I did it.

I suffered so you don't have to. I listened to every track in the sxsw bittorrent. Yes, EVERY track. Holy crap that's a lot of music. Out of that, I picked my favorite tracks - 125 GREAT ones and another 75 very good ones. Take a peek:

Ian's SxSW Band List

Note: this is just showcasing bands, based on the mp3s on the sxsw site. I'll put my schedule up shortly.

A couple caveats on this list, if you care:
  • I listened to the tracks first without looking at the band name. If it was obviously not for me, I skipped without looking. If it was obviously RAD I kept it. Anywhere in the middle, I allowed the band name / bio to assist my decision.
  • This is only culled from bands with mp3s on the sxsw site.
  • It's possible (nay, likely) that in the process of listening to 1000 mp3s, I missed a few good 'uns and picked a few turds. Sorry; I'm sure you understand.
  • I tend to cut bands that just "tow the party line"; I'm more interested in bands doing something novel. I'm sure I skipped over some bands that are kicking ass by perfecting a certain post-grunge guitar sound / stones posture / indie haircut. But they just don't interest me as much as wacked-out stuff like, say, the Dresden Dolls.
  • I didn't include any screamy stuff. If you like screamy stuff, sorry. Same goes for Emo; I'm not 14. Likewise, I probably under-represented earnest singer/songwriters, bluegrass, and reggae / world music. Just not where my head is right now.
  • I also didn't include much hip hop, as I've got the taste of a loaf of wonder bread in that area. Check out my man Matt Sonzala's Houston So Real page for the scoop on sxsw hip hop (he ought to know, he booked it all).



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