So, tell me if you think I'm crazy.

Earlier this week, I downloaded the entire BitTorrent of the mp3s of all the bands showcasing at sxsw. (For those of you keeping score, that comes out to 941 mp3s, or 3.3 GB.)

I don't know what illicit substance had been slipped into my OJ, but for some reason, I decided that I was going to listen to ALL of the music on offer, and keep track of which ones I like enough to go see. I've listened to 300 tunes already, out of which I have picked about 30% as tunes I like, and 10% as tunes I REALLY like.

I've also started keeping a schedule of events I want (or am obligated) to go to. I plan on posting it here, in some form anyway, when I complete it - probably early next week. So far, it's got 58 entries, and I haven't yet started looking at any of the panels or official showcases. That is JUST stuff people have told me about, day parties, etc. And I haven't even done a thorough look through those yet.

On every entry, I'm tracking not only the time & place, but also how important it is to me, so at any given time, I can filter it to see only the most important things that are coming up.

I know, this sounds totally insane. Maybe it is. But my goal is to make life really easy for myself when the festival actually starts. Having this calendar should enable to make the best decisions in the moment, and not always be looking at schedules, forgetting things, etc.

Am I crazy?


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