Trail of Dead

I am a fool.

Not for any of the usual reasons (staying up too late on my computer, forgetting to call someone, eating an entire bag of potato chips in one sitting, etc.). No, today I am a fool because I decided that, despite a complete lack of preparation or training, I would attempt to run the Trail Of Lights 5K.

Now, I'm in pretty decent shape. I am active, I move heavy gear on a regular basis, I eat more or less well (no soda, no caffeine, no meat, a good amount of veggies). But I'm not really a runner. My college-age experimentation with running ended up giving me shin splints and exacerbating my knee problems.

Well, being the eternal optimist, I thought "no problem!" and run it I did. It was beautiful, and I kept pace with Ujberjam and our friend MP - I ran 3.2 miles! Wo0T! Except that, right after, I felt like I was about to puke, and now I think my legs and feet are non-functional. Doh.

It could have been worse. I didn't acutely hurt myself, and I didn't actually puke or anything. But my overzealous optimism will certainly cause me some pain tomorrow.

I'm sure it'll be fine when we have to show up for Tai Chi at 9am tomorrow morning.


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