Uberjam and I made a visit to Cafe Magnolia on Lake Austin Blvd. last night. What a great little spot. Near our house, open all night, and they serve BrexMex! That word doesn't exist, but I'm coining it. They've got some Mexican Food, some Breakfast Food, and some crossovers (Migas, Huevos Rancheros, and the awesome Eggs Zapatina I had last night, which consists of scrambled eggs with queso over an English Muffin.) Great spot.

We also hit up the Nudge 2.5 film festival - a collection of shorts by students at a local cinematography school. Some of the films (including the one featuring music from Leap by DT) were extremely well done. Conversely, some of the flicks were amateur and nearly insulting. But it was still a good time.


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