Three Cheers for Holiday Cheer

It's been a great Christmas season for us. We spent holiday time with family in Florida and Beaumont, and got a little time to chill out at home.

In Florida, we walked on beaches, visited historical sites, and watched movies. And my sis showed us a great web cartoon I hadn't seen yet: Making Fiends.

In Beaumont, we made Christmas Tamales, played Sudoku (watch out, it's crazy addictive), and visited with friends & family. And Uberjam's bro showed us a great music video. Double true.

Now, with some time at home, I've been reading a book called Getting Things Done, and trying to learn some new organizational principles. I'm only up to chapter 3, but it seems pretty sensible so far. I've also made some radical changes in my personal software arsenal. I've switched from Life Balance to My Life Organized; from Metapad to Wikipad; and from Outlook to Thunderbird & Sunbird. I've also gone on an email cleaning rampage, and I'm now down to around 15 emails in my inbox (down from over 800). The real test will be whether I can get my To-do lists and scheduled organized to the point where I stop totally dropping the ball on things.

This evening, I'll be subbing on the air at KAZI 88.7 fm. Tune in if you're in Austin! It's a jazz show. I got the new Bill Evans box set (Complete Village Vanguard recordings, 1961) and the new Monk / Coltrane record that's been all the rage (both extremely thoughful Christmas presents). Both will make an appearance tonight, along with a few other gems from my jazz CD collection. If only I could play my show from my new xmas present ... :)


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