You know who you look like?

So today at lunch, I was picking up some sandwiches at my favoritest new lunch place in Montrose. The dude behind the counter said:

"Hey, you know who you look like? That dude from Phish ..."

The ensuing conversation:

Me: "Whoa, really? I've never heard that before ..."

Him: "Yeah, you totally ..."

Me: " ... except for EVERY FRIGGING DAY! What are you gonna tell me next, that I look like Chuck Norris?"

He replied that Chuck Norris was too short.

I felt bad afterwards, he was just trying to be nice and conversational. But seriously, I had the exact same conversation last night with the dude at Mission Burrito. Do we really look that much alike?

I mean, not that I mind if we do look alike. I dig Phish, and I hear Trey is a great guy. But I mean, where are all the people going "Hey, aren't you that guy from Drop Trio?"

Um, yeah. Thanks folks, I'll be here all week.


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