New Blogger

So Blogger came out with a new version today, as anyone who's a regular user already knows. I was a bit thrown off at first, cuz the interface is totally different. There are some things I don't like as much, but there are some improvements as well. On the "don't like as much" side, they've now totally separated the functions of writing new entries and editing past ones - it used to be that you could see 'em both on the same screen. No longer. I guess that's better from a functional point of view, because it's simpler, but I liked the ability to look down at previous posts without leaving the editor for my new post. Ah well. Also, there's one extra click to change between blogs now, which kinda stinks. But again, no big deal.

Among the nice new additions are keyboard shortcuts to switch from edit to preview mode, and to insert a hyperlink. Both very useful.

There are also a bunch of other new features (built in comments, permalinks, etc), plus some new templates to boot. I'll be playing with those soon.

OK, time to go back to doing something productive. Like, um, napping.


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