Poster Contest

OK - I hereby issue a challenge to you all, my friends and readers.

My company (let's refer to them as "Integrated Widget Services") is holding a contest where employees' children draw pictures about how important job safety is, and the best (AKA most devoid of any drawing skill) are included in a calendar that's printed and mailed to thousands of employees nation-wide.

Wouldn't you like to have a picture in that calendar? Here's your chance! Draw yourself up a crappy kid-like drawing about safety, and I'll pretend it's from my kid. Here's the rules:

Safety Poster/Calendar Contest

Submit a poster to the Safety Department to be postmarked no later than July 1, 2004. The topic for the poster must be safety related, and can be anything from a picture with a slogan on it or safety rules, use your imagination and be creative. Each participant can submit only one poster and must include on a separate piece of paper the name of the child, their birth date, the parent’s name.


There will be 14 winners, one for each month and one for the front and back covers. Each winner will receive a $100.00 savings bond. Safety calendars will be designed for the year 2005 and each month will feature a picture of one of the winning posters. These calendars will be distributed to all company employees.
Get that drawing cap on! I'll showcase all entries here on my blog. Here's one by me, to get you started:

Have at it!


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