Nothing good to do ...

People say there's nothing going on in Houston. Nonsense, I say. In fact, there's usually so much going on (if you know about it) that it's hard to choose.

So last night, I decided instead of trying to choose, I would just go to every single event on my list. ├╝berjam was out of town, I had no committments, and so I resolved to spend the cover on several places, knowing I wouldn't be there long. I ended up hitting 8 different destinations and seeing some very cool stuff.

  • I started out at Brasil for dinner, where I saw Osama Raad setting up his drums for a gig with Mike Viteri and a couple other folks. I had some dinner with him over there (mmm, garlic bread), but had to leave before they started. Intended to get back for some of the music but somehow never did.

  • After leaving Brasil, I scooted over to Tropioca Tea House in midtown for Bad Art Night, a production of Cody from H-Town Blogs. Sadly, my timing was off on this one and I got there too late to join in the festivities. Apparently they didn't have a big turnout so they ended it early. :( Next time ...

  • My next stop was at a new place on Westheimer called Tha House. My friend K'Monte had invited me to come down for his open mic, so I figured I would check out the scene there. Jill and I had been there once before, for a Mary Magdalene poetry duo reading. It's basically a house that has been converted into a really comfortable, chill performance and mingling environment. Seems like the perfect place for an album listening party or something. Anyway, the featured performer of the evening was Jeremiah David (see a video interview with him). His songs were really moving and well written, and he's got a killer voice. I got a copy of his CD and it's great.

  • After being persuaded to embarrass myself by getting behind they keyboard for a couple minutes, I headed out over to the Proletariat to try and catch some of Lights Out On Sound, the live electronic music project of the Killers For Hire DJs (the Reprogram Radio guys). I missed them, unfortunately, though I was greeted from the roof of the Prole by DJ Samplistic and Travis from Damn You Drunk Rooster. I got to see a little bit of Go Spread Your Wings, which was very cool. I also got to talk w/ Matt, my KTRU DJ trainer. He told me not to forget the little people when Drop Trio gets big and famous. To which I replied "hahahahahaha". I also got to talk with Eric (CeePlus) about the state of the industry in Houston and elsewhere, and our feelings about performing at SxSW.

  • Towards the end of the GSYW set, I headed out to Industry Cafe, for the CD release party of Karina Nistal (aka "Diva Karina"), one of Houston's hottest singers (no joke). Her new 12 inch single just came out in LA, and this was her Houston record release. (You know you're big time when the first web sites that pop up about you on Google are Japanese). She gave me a copy of the thing on CD, but of course I wanted it in vinyl so I bought one (never hurts to support local artists, right?). The show was cool, I saw a bunch of good musician friends there as well out to support Karina.

  • After Karina's performance, I continued my long evening by heading over to the Last Concert Cafe to see Potroast. They were great - I'm glad to finally know some of the guys in that band (Brian, the drummer, and Eddie, the keyboard player). The crowd at LCC was totally off the hook - 2 or 3 hundred folks at least. I've never seen it so crowded. (I was particularly psyched to see a big old Drop Trio sticker up right behind the bar - thanks guys!) Many Drop fans were there (Teal, Hoopinman, etc.) and I made some new friends as well.

  • After chatting for what was probably far too long with a new friend, Pete, I headed over to Rhythm Room to catch Kirk M (the sound engineer) to try to grab a copy of a jam session we did over at his place in February. Transaction was completed, and I got to say hello to all the Goodtrain session guys (Jeremy & James from MG, Randy from Us & Them and the Hightailers, Teri "et tu" Greene, and a few others).

    That was pretty much the end of the night for me, but I did have to make the obligatory stop at Late Night Pie for a couple slices. Listened to Damage Control radio on the way home and heard a few bands I know (RMYC, SMUGGLAZ, etc.).

    There were even a couple I didn't make it to. Mike McGuire's poetry in reverse was going on at Helios, followed by my new favorite Houston musician Musak John. Also, the KTRU staff was having a CD reviewing party. I wasn't able to squeeze either of those in (for logistical reasons more than anything else).

    So who says there's nothing going on in Houston? This was a Wednesday for crying out loud! In any event, I'm gonna have to chill out the next couple nights if I want to stay employed. :)
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