Dang, what a busy week. Work party Thursday, follwed by a Rhythm Room show Friday (watching, not playing ... seeing Goddess & Underground Nation, the latter of whom I missed - doh!); hosting Swirve @ Brasil on Friday night, followed by an all-night jam session at Kirk Madden's studio; show at Fitz on Saturday w/ Arthur (playing, not watching); recording session at Sugarhill on Sunday (which went exceptionally well); and radio show this morning (here's my new playlist).

It's a wonder ├╝berjam hasn't killed me yet. This week will be significantly more chill, with a trip to Bolivar to hang with the 'rents on Saturday and a little down time between now and then. As long as I can manage not to fall asleep on my keybozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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