So, looks like this is the end for Dean's presidential bid. I guess it was the Iowa speech that really did him in - voters got so scared that he might melt down in the race against Bush and hand him a win that they bucked. That's understandable, but too bad.

I still think he would make the best president ever. Please! He's a compulsive recycler, a family doctor, a penny pincher and a proven success in the executive branch. He actually loves his wife and family, and isn't one of the nasty career politicians who will do anything to get elected. He hides candy in drawers of his offices cuz he's got a sweet tooth. My heart is aching for what could have been.

But the fact of the matter is, American democracy isn't well set up for that. Somebody who's quirky, smart, and real will always lose to someone who is more politically devious, more cut throat, and more "lowest common denominator". Dean lost to Kerry for the same reasons that he might have lost to Bush. That makes me sad, but that's life.

Well, I think Edwards is a pretty stand-up guy, from all I've heard (well, other than being a lawyer). Maybe he'll get the nod, or maybe the VP slot. I would much rather see him go up against Bush than Kerry, who is the biggest special interest hog the the left side of the aisle and voted the wrong way (or didn't vote) on everything that's important to me.

So, what's next? Well, there are 2 organizations (hopefully soon to be joined by Dean's new PAC) that I think are really making the voice of common sense heard in a big way today: MoveOn (2 million strong) and True Majority (headed by Ben from Ben & Jerry's). They harness the internet well, they stand up for stuff I agree with, and just like Dean's campaign, they're funded by small donations by tons of people.


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