So I finally dug überjam's old Palm Pilot out of the storage bin it was in (affectionately known as the "gadget graveyard") and hooked it up today. Brilliant! Totally works, and now I've got all of my business contacts synced up to it. The sync process is a bit cumbersome - it involves deleting the contacts out, exporting from the Excel sheet I keep them in to a text file, and then importing them. I'll probably only do that once a week, but that's sufficient to my needs - basically, I just need a way to keep from having to print my whole damn list out every couple weeks and carry it around with me. This way is more compact, more secure, searchable, and ... well ... cooler.

Now I'm looking into running the palm version of LifeBalance so I can have all my to-do items on there as well. That part should even be reverse-syncable. :)


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