Lakewood Barre and Gril

Or is it Bahr and griln? Whatever. It's in Dallas and I played there on Saturday night with the Lowdown. Fun show - I always enjoy getting to do some Left Hand Bass (tm). Plus, Mr. GPF showed his ugly mug shining face, and sat in on a couple tunes. Rad.

I don't have any pics of the Lowdown, unfortunately, because, well, I was playing. But next up was Moving Matter, of whom I took copious photos, because they had a kick-awesome light show. Here are a couple gooduns:

After a few songs, the gents called me up ("Fireball to wardrobe ...") and I played a couple Scofield tunes, plus a couple MM originals as well. Here's me in action:

More pics here.

Thanks for a good weekend, Ari & co. Looking forward to some more travels this weekend. But it'll be a long week first.


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