My New Filing Technique

... is totally unstoppable.

On a tip from David Allen, I've instituted a new filing system. I know that may not sound like the most exciting thing, but it really makes a difference when you find yourself constantly overwhelmed with random paper, which we are. Here the the highlights:

Tip 1: Use a labeler. $30 at office max gets you a neat little Brother PT 65 and it works like a charm. Having nice looking labels on your files makes them feel more official, and it also takes away the hesitation to create new folders (cuz you get to use your nifty labeler).

Tip 2: Use straight alphabetical order, with no categories or hanging dividers. It may seem like a good idea to create categories, and then files within those categories, but it really just makes things more complicated, because when you can't find something, it multiplies the number of places where it might be.

BTW, I finally realized why they make manilla file folders with three tabs, as opposed to four or two. It's so that when you need to insert a new file, you can always be guaranteed that the tab is not in the same position as the one in front of it or in back of it.

ZZZZZzzzz..... You may now resume your regularly scheduled interesting day.


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