weekend exploits

Just came off a Thanksgiving weekend that was fulfilling and tiring. We had Uberjam's parents out to Austin for Thanksgiving dinner, which was fun, but it meant lots of cleaning & cooking. We did a big vegetarian feast (a first for the 'rents, which was very brave of them) and everything came off perfectly. Well, my home made pie crusts were a little, um, unprofessional looking. But they did the job. My Hokkaido squash with curry and apple cider was also a hit (thanks, Mr. Berley).

Uberjam and I spent the balance of the weekend watching movies (3 and counting ...) and going for runs. It was great to have some non-work time together.

On Sunday, I jammed with a band called Proteus. They're a prog rock band, and their music was so complicated they were seeking a second keyboard player. Rad. We hit it off, so I will play with them some more.

Now heading into a 4 day stretch in Houston - recording session with Orange Is In, a day in the cube farm, and a rad gig with JFJO. Should be a fun time, though I think all this uninterrupted time in Austin has made me soft on driving ...


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