ten steps behind

So, yesterday, I grabbed dinner at this cool new restaurant in the Montrose called Alladin. It's a Meditterranean place. From the outside, it looks terrible - gaudy signs, flashy neon, big pots of flame (really). But the food ... rules! Good hummous, good falafel, fresh baked pita bread, etc. Yumm. I highly recommend it.

Oh, and also yesterday, I did a phone interview with Jimmy Chamberlain (of the smashing pumpkins). That's pretty cool, eh? Yeah it is. He seemed nice, we're playing with his new band tonight at the Meridian. Also interviewed Mark Towns, a Houston guitarist, and that was great as well. He pulled out a track of him jamming with Pharoah Sanders, and a bunch of other awesome out-there basement tracks.

Now, here it is Monday and I'm feeling totally behind. Between trying to promote a big show we're doing on Saturday, and trying to make some big "life decisions" with Uberjam, and deal with all the usual day to day stuff too. Gah.


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